Blaze & Serin by Zac Hacman


Blaze & Serin are two complimentary pieces. Blaze is a geometric structure that looks both familiar and unplaceable, concealed by 4x4 inch ceramic tiles. The sculpture’s bright red color suggests on one hand emergency and urgency and on the other playfulness. The unidentified form is equipped with two white stainless-steel grab bars, suggesting safety and security, as well as interaction. All these highly functional elements, that ultimately have no function, disrupts the object's affordances (a term introduced by the American psychologist James J. Gibson in 1966). The industrial tiles as seen in Serin refers to the in-between spaces of the city: the underground passages and subway tunnels that are part of our everyday surroundings.  These forms resemble portals, pools, and lenses; his sculptures appropriate materials and structures from ‘non-places’ to create a new architecture of transformation and possibility.


Blaze (bright red sculpture with white handles): Ceramic tiles, stainless steel, wood, grout.

Serin (white tiles with red pool): Ceramic tiles, plexiglass, wood, grout


Blaze: 26” x 22” x 22.5”

Serin: 19” x 24” x 21”


Blaze: $9000 | Serin: $9000