The ethos of In Good Company is not just to discover young, unknown talent but to FOSTER it. That is why we take the time to visit the artists in their studios and throughout their fabrication process. We feel it is important to support them throughout every step and to make sure they know that we are open and available for advice and assistance. 

Fernando enjoys these studio visits immensely because he finds the hustle in young artists so inspiring and invigorating. Many of the artists are working out of small spaces within their homes. They are in the throes of beginning their careers and so often haven’t yet invested in full-scale studios of their own. However, what they are able to accomplish with a small space or a small budget is a true testament to their ingenuity and work ethic. It shows how invested they are in themselves and their dreams. It’s the type of character that In Good Company seeks out and thrives on.

It’s also a great opportunity for Fernando and his team to do what they are passionate about, counseling artists honestly with whatever they have questions around. From what to do when your prototype doesn’t translate in production, to how to properly price your piece, to branding & marketing on social media, and everything in between. The IGC exhibitors are hungry for insights and the IGC.design team loves getting in the thick of things with them. Of course, there’s no one right answer, no single trajectory for success, but there is so much to be garnered on both ends from working together. At its core, In Good Company is guiding emerging designers, while continuously learning so much from them as well. 

To see behind the scenes content of these unfiltered studio visits follow @iamfm & @igc.design on Instagram. 

To submit your work for review email us at hello@igc.design 

Benjamin Freddie