In Good Company started as a group exhibition, really more of a party for friends and fam, in 2017. Fernando Mastrangelo simply wanted to bring together a group of talented, young designers and invite his circle of colleagues out to celebrate them. But In Good Company grew into so much more in such a short time to help artists and designers who may not have access to resources or exposure be able to get their work shown and their careers started.

The In Good Company exhibition has become one of THE design events of the year, garnering over a thousand attendees on opening night alone. An annual Emerging Designer Award with a prize of 5K USD has been introduced and an esteemed panel of design authorities assembled to judge it. IGC.design has formed into a full-fledged brand with thriving socials and a site aiming to be THE destination for what’s new and interesting in collectible design.

The IGC.design Viewing Room hosts works from In Good Company exhibition’s past and present. It is a place for collectors, interior designers, and architects to discover new talent, acquire limited edition works, and follow designer’s careers.

In Good Company is built to best serve the artists and foster the design community. The goal of In Good Company is to do our part in what we believe will be a revolution of artists, designers, and makers being able to support themselves and even flourish independently. We’re incredibly excited for what’s to come!

Enjoy new works, artist bios, community news, and more throughout the site.

For any questions, or if you’d like to participate in any way, send us an email at hello@IGC.design

Benjamin Freddie